Revised edition 2008 This fi fth edition of the original book remains true to its original concept, which offered a range of good basic blocks, an introduction to the basic principles of pattern cutting and gave a few examples of their application into garments.

Pattern cutting and design

There are some basic elements of design that affect or may limit a designer in any fi eld.

Colour and pattern

These are the most dominant features in a fashion trend. Each season a colour theme emerges, occasionally spontaneously, sometimes infl uenced by top designers….

Fabric quality

New technologies have also expanded the range of fabrics available to a designer. The aesthetic qualities of a fabric are often the inspiration which initiates a design…


Whilst recognising the crucial role that fabric choice plays in the realisation of design, its success rests with the quality of the pattern cutting…


The interpretation of line and cut is the most complex part of a designer’s work. Once a fashion shape becomes established, the variations in cut to achieve it are infi nite.

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