This book is the result of almost thirty years of reflection, and hard work for people who want to be able to create their own wardrobe.
These construction rules are easy to apply if you give yourself the means to understand them, step by step.
Modelers often work with blocks (patterns Base size 38 or 40 which serves as a work support) without.

To save time or figure out exactly which garment structural path they need to take… unwittingly.
This is why you will not find in Le Modélisme de mode “Ready to copy and cut” style, but the instructions The basics to realize and understand the construction Details of clothes, skirt, bodice, jacket, etc. You will be like this Able to do all your basics simply and logically.

Do not skip steps, because understanding means progressing and progressing Lets do better! In order to satisfy your creativity, you have come together by class detail elements, such as necklines and collars,
Sleeves, pockets… you can thus at leisure, once your base From ready-made clothes, adapt and personalize your model.
I wanted this book to be much more than a method and a tool Learn the logic of clothes, a way to decipher them Structure and organization.

Teresa Gilewska enseigne

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