The secret to dressing a toddler or baby is dressing them in layers. This keeps them toasty and warm as
well as makes your life much easier. As soon as something spills, you can just remove and replace the
top layer instead of everything else. This Tiny Tummy Tunic was designed exactly for this purpose.
Looking precious over long or short sleeved onesies, this kids’ sewing pattern can be created with just
about any fabric for any season.


  • . 1/2- 3/4 yard of fabric (this tutorial uses a woven, but if you want to use a knit you should size
  • down)
  • . 1 button
  • . 3′′ of 1/8′′ elastic or elastic thread
  • . 3-6 month, 6-9 month, 12 month free pattern (see below)
  • . Use a 3/8′′ allowance through out.


  1. Sew both your shoulders (RST).
  1. Repeat with your facings. Finish the bottom of your facing pieces. You can serge them, use pinking
    shears or put a tiny hem in.
  1. Baste your elastic loop to the back of your garment. Drop it down about an inch from the top, adjust
    your loop size based on the size of your button.
  1. Lay your facings RST with your garment. You are going to sew the around the armholes and up the
    back around the neck and back down.
  • Clip your corners and your curves and turn! Then press, press, press.
  1. Match your back seam right sides together. Sew from the bottom all the way up to meet your
    previous sewing line. You may have to lift your facings to make sure you don’t catch them.
  1. Pin your side seams. Make sure to match your facings right sides together also underneath the arm.
    You will sew the entire side seam continuously and then fold your facing back down. Repeat for the
    other side seam.
  1. Top stitch the neck line and armholes. Sew on a button.
  2. And finish your hem using your desired method. Suggested: 1/4′′, press, roll another 1/4′′, hem.


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