Book The Sewtionary

An A to Z Guide to 101 Sewing Techniques and Definitions


Sewing, like any new interest, comes with a whole new language of terms. Basting?
Stitch in the ditch? Underlining? What are they talking about, and which definitions
do I need to learn right away? People who sew use many of these terms, so often it
becomes second nature. Because they’re so familiar with sewing vocabulary, they may
assume that you know what they mean! You may also recognize some of these terms
from clothing, like shoulder pads and hemming, but aren’t sure how to use them in
your sewing projects.

This book defines and explains 101 common sewing terms, complete with step-by-
step photo tutorials so you can practice and master each one.

I wanted this book to be an easy reference guide with great visuals. Many sewing
books are a great read from start to finish, but they aren’t the easiest to use as a
reference later on. When you’re wondering where you read that great tutorial on
bound buttonholes, or you can’t remember which side of a blouse overlaps on top on a
woman’s blouse (answer: the right!), this is the book for you.

I also want to give you options and real-life examples of what each technique is
used for. Why should you bother to learn how to make a French tack? What’s the
point of horsehair braid? When I’m learning a new skill, I want to know why a
technique is important and how to apply it to my projects—tell me why I should want
to learn this skill. It’s even more useful to see real-life examples and ways to apply the
different skills, so I’ve included these as well as useful tips and suggestions to help
you master these techniques.

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