DIY Baby Clothes

Let your little lady have some boho flair with this precious Pretty Baby DIY Peasant Top. Easily crafted
from two different fabrics, the possibilities are endless with this free kids’ clothes pattern. It can be
created in solid colors or prints. If you are looking for a cute baby dress instead, all you have to do is
make the shirt a little longer. Any little girl would look cute in this quick and easy pattern.

Small Sewing


  1. First cut your pieces. Follow the pattern instructions to have two main body pieces, and two sleeves
    (cut at the short sleeve mark).
  1. Attach both of your sleeves right sides together to your front.
  2. Repeat with the back. Turn 1/4′′ then another 1/4′′ and hem.
  1. Sew your side seams. Go from the bottom hem all the way up to the bottom of the sleeve in one
    continuous stitching line. Hem the bottom of your shirt by turning under 1/4′′ and then 1/2′′ again.
  1. Create your casing. Start by turning your fabric over 1/4′′, then another 3/4′′ to create your casing.
    Stitch the bottom edge all the way around. Leave a spot open to feed in your elastic.
  1. Insert your elastic and feed it all the way through. Try on and adjust to your desired length. Sew your
    elastic together. Sew closed your casing. Update: 17-18′′ of elastic will work well for the sizes 12 months to 4T/. If you prefer 1/2′′ and 3/8′′ will also work.


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