Fashion Sketchbook 6th Edition in full color. With updated drawing instructions and new pictures that teach in every chapter.

The goal is to quickly understand, apply, and diversify your drawing skills, and most classes contain design silhouettes, or texture examples for greater reference value.

Includes basic shape drawing, and model drawing, in all new layouts, with further shape analysis and new runway placement.

The book contains over 400 references to clothing and accessories for fashion labels, and provides a broader platform to help you fully develop your fashion design illustrations.

Table of contents

  • fashion figure proportions
  • Basic Shape Shapes
  • drawing model
  • fashion heads
  • Clothing and clothing details
  • Apartment drawing and specifications
  • Basic Presentation Techniques
  • Advanced Presentation Techniques
  • knitting drawing
  • Focus on design and planning
  • men drawing
  • kids drawing.

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